Triple balanced inhale system brings you super taste


There are three adjustable airflow control holes for you to adjust the inhale as you like
This precise structure design and skilled workmanship make the airflow go balance from the triple inhale paths for sure
thus letting you enjoy the smoother taste experience.

Quick vent channel to produce huge vape without mouth burning


Through our sophisticated calculation, UFORCE achieves the perfect combination of in air-Atomization-out air With a shorter path to the rapid discharge of heat, enjoy big cloudy without burning your mouth

Environmental insulation materials for drip tip

The drip tip of Uforce uses internationally certified environmentally friendly insulation materials, with V-shaped structure design Taste better when you take a big vape clouds

Maximum output voltage  |  Dual Battery of 180w  |  Single Battery of 80w

SOFT Mode, Protect You While Vaping

SOFT Mode for High Wattage
Rendering a Beautiful Taste and Prolong the Lifetime of Coils

Gene.Fan , Born for Vapor


Gene, the Highest Shipments of Chips in the World. The Upgraded Version of Gene.Fan, Custom- made for TOO

Performance of Circuit Board

Faster, More Stable and More Accurate

0.1% Accurate

Precisely Control the Output Wattage and Temperature

Support USB Charging

Customize Settings

CNC Processed , Innovation in Every Details


Edge Chamfering processed by CNC for the Top and
the Bottom,Classy and Tasteful
The body is mainly Aviation Aluminum
with upper and bottom covers of
Zinc Alloy in vacuum plating, more durable

8 Battery Charging Protection for a
Safer Internal Charging System

Installation of Battery Doors


Match the covers with proper battey slot: A to A, B to B      Push Battery covers to close      Slide the cover from left to right

Analysis of filling with e-liquid operation


It can effectively prevent e-juice leakage by pushing the top cap and filling in e-liquid, which is more convenient and clean

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