GENE VAPE SOLUTIONS--- Veteran technique provider with mutiple patents of technological invention. As long as the product is equipped with Gene chip, it will generally avoid malfuntions. The rate of poor quality is very small, just six in ten thousand, with compaints rate of zero.

In recent years, VOOPOO has been in a long strategic cooperation with GENE, rolling out custom made board of "FAN" to provide customers with excellent service and more personal options.

The newest GENE chip of military grade with instantaneous firing time lets you vape in an instant. For the after sales service, customers are entitled with one-year warranty for the board and liftime repair service.

Comparison between ordinary chip and Gene chip

GENE Chip:0.020-0.025s

Ordinary Chip:0.080-0.100s

Comparison between ordinary chip and Gene chip

GENE Chip Ordinary Chip
Resistance Adjustment x
Variable voltage x
Super Mode x
Wave Power Output x