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Power: 5-157W
Battery: 2*18650(Support Balance charge with different brand battery)
Size: 90 x 54 x 24mm
Color: Black with white/Black with red
Lowest Resistance in Power mode: 0.05Ω
Lowest Resistance in TC mode: 0.05Ω
Innovative Mode: Super Mode and Power compensation mode.
TC Mode:SS316, Ni200, Ti, NC, TCR,CCR



Items Range Accuracy Unit
Working Voltage 6.4 ~ 8.5 ±0.1 V
Working Current 1 ~ 40 ±5% A
Output Voltage Range 0 ~ 7.5 ±2% V
Output Current Range 0 ~ 40 ±5% A
Resistance under Wattage Mode 0.05 ~ 3.0 ±5% Ω
Resistance under TC Mode 0.05 ~ 1.5 ±5% Ω
Output Power 5 ~ 157 ±2% W
Charging Voltage 5 ±0.25% V
Charging Current 1800 ±5% mA
Quiescent Current ≤10   uA
Temperature Control Range 200 - 600℉  
100 - 315℃  
Working Efficiency 95% -5% ~ 0 %
Firmware Upgradable Yes    

Warranty: we provide free maintenance and replacement within 90 days since you order the product(s).

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Modrate Size, Fit your Hand

The upper and lower corners are beveled to fit the position of your thumb and fingers.Feels comfortable and stable in your grip.


The best black carbon fiber inlay with colorful decorative lines,which is high temperature resistant, radiation protective;
with sophisticated vacuum pating and laser carving technique, it feels smoooth and comfortable


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