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Being customer-centered

Customer service is the basis for the Company"s survival and development. We must establish user-centered logic. Understanding customer needs is the starting point of our work and fulfilling customer requirements our top performance evaluation criterion. It is our goal to achieve customer satisfaction and our pursuit to constantly create value for customers and help them realize their dreams.


Being striver-based

Those who identify with our corporate culture and have achieved excellence through their relentless and extraordinary efforts are the strivers and the most valuable assets of the Company. As for value distribution, the Company will give maximum preferences to strivers, sharing with them the honor, wealth and growth brought by Company’s development.


Constant benchmarking and innovation

High goals are to be set by constantly benchmarking ourselves against leaders both inside and outside the industry. We will be making continuous improvements to our capabilities and performance by drawing on successful experiences of those benchmarks and developing effective innovations well-suited for the Company, steering clear of innovations that are unrealistic, unchecked or detached from customers.


Hardworking and perseverant

Hard-work and perseverance is key to continuous growth of both the company and its people. Marching forward bravely without the fear of difficulties is the effective method to overcome obstacles and resist risks. Success comes from thrift while failure follows luxury. Extravagance and waste are big enemies, and we must keep working hard pragmatically in long term.