Colorful (Environmental protection) aluminum cover, 8 colors available


multiple airflow control method with more effective and comfortable

Top has 4th-level radiatingdesign • Easy adjust airflow • Full air through • Bottom air flow through • Special top radiatingdesign

innovation electrode, superconducting, easy to assemble

World first Column Superimposed design electrode, Power performance increased by 20% or more,Single or double coils are easy to replace and assemble

Two kinds of oiling mode, fully compatible all MOD in market

Support Top and Bottom oiling liquid. Very good RDA ever never!

Double heat insulation design on top and bottom/base

Top and desk/base are used of food grade PEI insulation material, it can efficiently avoid to burn to mouth and avoid the atomizer tube from scalding to ensure the best/pure tasting;


1. Size: 24mm*33.5mm
2. Drip tip:Food-grade PEI material
3. Top cap:Eco-friendlyaluminium, 8 colors potions available
4. Electrode:SUS stainless still material,security and eco-friendly, super power performance
5. Heating wire:extrawire,the material is Ni-Cr alloy, single barreled 0.3Ω,double barreled 0.15Ω
6.Base:Gold-plate brass material, super power performance

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