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An official statement from VOOPOO

Dear friends, and partners

In light of recent events regarding some personal attacks on our company, we would like to take this moment to clarify on some of the issues raised.

First and foremost, we have no long term contract with the alleged accuser from (November 2017- March 11 2018). There is no project contract. All the statements made in the accuser’s video are absolutely false. There is no evidence from the accuser to support his claims. We encourage the accuser to present any alleged facts to further support his claims.

Secondly, The accuser’s brand has yet to receive an official license that would allow permission for use of the GENE CHIP. The accuser has been promoting his product without our authorization of use of GENE CHIP.  Since November - March we made every effort to cooperate with the accuser. During that time we only made a minor price adjustment from our initial offer due to a substantial price increase of raw materials (the average price of global capacitor resistors is twice higher by 20% to 50%) The price increase for the the GENE CHIP is 4RMB which converts to USD 0.625. A fraction of the normal market fluctuations. There is no reason to raise the price by 30% and to make any other increase by 15%, as the accuser claims. Further, no reason for us to delay any production.  If the accuser wishes to contact us directly, we welcome a conversation with open arms in an effort to cease any further dilemma, or feel free to contact the relevant brand.

Furthermore, VOOPOO has always adhered that the vape is an industry of embracing positive attitude for long standing relationships among colleagues, partners, and customers.

The follow images are a representation of unacceptable behavior:

Lastly, we were in great standing with the brand the accuser is associated with before this incident. We always encourage to maintain a great relationship with those we partner for the development of the vape industry. We are incredibly saddened to learn about these false accusations and hope to expedite a quick resolution.

We are willing to bear all legal responsibility for the authenticity of all above stated accusations. This statement has the basis for legal action, while retaining all legal rights to trace vilification of VOOPOO.



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